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FUCK! Or, why I’m aw(kward)esome

To avoid traffic, I took a little side-trip to the mall this afternoon. I walked in to Urban Outfitters and browsed for a bit. While browsing, I found a magnetic notepad that said FUCK! in big capital letters at the top. It was only 6 dollars, so I decided that I must have it to put on my fridge. It was either that or the notepad that said ‘THIS IS GOING TO BE A BITCH!’ I happily walked up to the register to pay for my things (I also bought a shirt) and cheerily said to the sales clerk, “Gotta have that fuck note-pad!”

I was a little surprised when she seemed frightened and genuinely concerned. I was only re-stating aloud the word that was on the note-pad! I wondered if maybe she hadn’t heard me, and if I should repeat myself. I quickly decided upon a ‘hell no’ to that. I almost said “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought all twenty-somethings such as myself were genetically programmed to think that the word fuck is hilarious. My bad!” Instead, I took my things, came home, put my fucking fuck notepad on my fucking fridge and counted it as a win.


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